The AHRD Foundation uses its influence and financial resources to support and sustain the efforts of established scholars, emerging scholars, and the means of disseminating scholarship to further the quality and influence of research in human resource development. 

awardFoundation Activities

The AHRD Foundation engages in the following activities:

  1. FUNDRAISING: The AHRD Foundation will engage in fundraising activities with integrity and make use of its financial resources in a manner consistent with its vision and mission statements.
  2. HRD RESEARCH DISSEMINATION: The AHRD Foundation will identify ways to promote the understanding and dissemination of HRD research. 
  3. RESEARCH GRANTS: The AHRD Foundation will provide research grants on topics critical for advancing the HRD field.
  4. TRAVEL AWARDS: The AHRD Foundation will provide travel grants to support the presentation of scholarly papers at the AHRD and AHRD-affiliated conferences.


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